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maths chemistry biology physics tutorsStarting REVISION can be difficult and as a result stressful for pupils and parents alike. Are they covering the correct content? Are they leaving enough time to answer exam questions? Worried that they might not be receiving the appropriate guidance?

Many pupils on the other hand can find it hard to find motivation to start revision. As teachers, we always say "the earlier, the better", but this can sometimes can "fall on deaf ears".

We have seen time and time again individuals leaving it too late and "cramming" revision in last minute. As a result, this means something has had to be compromised or even sacrificed, whether it be a particular topic and subsequently hoping it does not come up in the exam or just as importantly leaving out that essential exam practice.

It is essential to cover all of the information for the subjects but this must include testing your ability to apply your knowledge in the exam. To drive pupils to start revision earlier may only come down to a few simple things, such as; helping them break that first barrier and having a "few" topics "revised".

This Easter
, at Talent Tuition, we are providing 5 hour revision booster sessions for A Level and GCSE exam students, to help them get started and improve grades. We will cover the major topics of each subject, which, as teachers and tutors know commonly come up in exams or are deemed difficult to understand. Each of our sessions will be taken and taught by qualified specialist teachers who are experienced in their fields. They will also give exam advice and cover exam questions for each topic so pupils are aware of the "do's" and "don'ts" during exam situations.

We will be covering:

- GCSE Maths and AS Biology on the 07/04/15;
- AS Maths on the 08/04/15; and
- AS Chemistry on the 10/04/15.

All these sessions are 5 hours long starting from £59 per session. We are aiming to give the best value for money but not only that, QUALITY not quantity - this is more important to us and as a result we are only offering a handful of places.

Call us now on 07828577878 or email directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to book a place!

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