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subject1Talent Tuition Coventry provides focused tutoring at Primary, Secondary and A level (GCE)...

We know that all students  have their own individual challenges and knowledge gaps. Our one teacher to every six students ratio allows  us to assess and address each students needs individually, overcoming these challenges  builds confidence not just in a specific area but in their own academic ability. 

The national curriculum changes constantly, we are always up to speed with every change as and when it happens, keeping up with and understanding the changes can be difficult for parents and students, we are committed to simplifying and implementing these changes  making sure that our students are up to speed and studying the correct curriculum so valuable time isn't wasted.

Select the level of tutoring you are interested in and find out more information on the subjects we offer. If you find we do not have the subjects you require, contact us and we may still be able to help. 

Professional teachers ~ student advancement
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