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Our Philosophy

Talent tuition is based in Coventry and has been established since 2008. Our aim is to provide a safe and stimulating environment where students are encouraged to maximise and reach their potential, whether it be working on their weaknesses or building on their strengths. We want our students to succeed and achieve the highest grades possible.

We always have qualified Maths, Science and English tutors to hand, who are able to engage with students at various levels, whether it be; i.e. Their 11+ exams, SATs, GCSE's or A levels.

Talent tuition has supported many students in a variety of subjects at various levels, together with those students who are due to sit their entrance exams. Over the years we have seen all our students benefit from this tutoring system, from those who have achieved higher grades to those gaining further confidence in their abilities. These students have been supported in reaching their potential and have successfully moved on to further education. All our tutors are professional, have vast amounts of experience, enthusiastic and extremely friendly. They create the tone of each session, which is tailored to the needs of the individual student, where they can work at their own pace and are encouraged to exceed expectations. Classwork and homework is continually monitored, assessed and constructive feedback is always given.

We provide a tutoring service for a range of subjects; from Primary, Secondary and A Level where our sessions follow the national curriculum. Talent tuition promises to stay up to date with new curriculums and provide for all exam boards (E.g. OCR, AQA and Edexcel).

With our facilities and excellent tutors, we provide an environment which is ideal for your child to succeed. 

Professional tutors~ student advancement 

    Penny Park Lane, Whitmore Park, Coventry, CV6 2GU
    Finham Park School, Green Lane, CV3 6EH
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